The Rise Of The B2C Marketer:
How To Be Successful In This Ever-Changing Role


In this whitepaper, we dig into how today’s marketers think about evaluating and implementing new technology -- and how to get better at it!

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Today’s Marketers Must Be Technologists

When you think of your role as a B2C Marketer, does “technologist” immediately come to mind as a description?

If it doesn’t, it should. You spend a lot of time evaluating, using, and optimizing your marketing tech stack all while staying up on the latest trends in the industry. In addition to being creative and driven by data, every marketer has to understand the latest tech platforms, the newest social channels, and much more.

We surveyed hundreds of B2C marketers and found asked tough questions about how they think about new technology, including:

• What’s the most important determining factor when you’re evaluating new marketing technology?

• How many different marketing technologies/platforms are you currently using?

• Over the past five years, how much has your company’s marketing technology budget increased?

Learn how you can become a true marketing technologist and drive success for your brand.